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Tooth Crowns in Center City Philadelphia

Have cavities damaged your teeth? You might need dental crowns to protect them.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are covers used for your teeth or dental implants. They’re also called dental caps because they “cap” your teeth from top to bottom.

You may need crowns if you have broken or seriously damaged teeth and if cavity fillings aren’t enough to save them. Dental crowns are also able to hold the sections of cracked teeth together. Additionally, our dentists might cap your teeth to protect them after root canals. Crowns can improve the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth as well.

A tooth crown is made to look like your natural teeth. Our dentists match the color and shape of the crown to your other teeth so that no one can tell that it’s a cap.

Which Dentist Can Fit Me for a Crown?

Choosing a dental professional to get a tooth crown can be confusing because there are many specialties. However, getting a crown is a routine procedure like getting your teeth cleaned or a cavity filled. Schedule an appointment with our family or general dentists to get a dental cap.

What Types of Tooth Crowns Are There?

Dental crowns are prefabricated and made to order in laboratories. Prefabricated crowns may also be called temporary or ready-made crowns. Featuring a stainless steel or plastic composition, our dentists use temporary crowns to protect your teeth until a lab has permanent ones ready for you. Since a gold crown tooth attracts a lot of attention, patients most commonly order porcelain and ceramic.

Ceramic Crowns

A ceramic crown is the best option for a front tooth crown. Compared to porcelain, it blends the best with the natural color of your teeth. Despite being more brittle under a heavy bite than porcelain, ceramic is highly resistant to wear.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

With porcelain fused to metal, you get crowns that have a stronger bond and seal than ceramic because of their metal base. These aspects make porcelain crowns better at preventing further decay and leakage.

What Is the Procedure for Getting Crowns?

Getting a crown generally takes two appointments at our dental office in Center City Philadelphia. However, you could need more appointments if, for example, you need a root canal to prepare your tooth.

Our staff starts the dental crown procedure by assessing the affected tooth to make sure that it can hold a crown. Next, our dentists will file the tooth and create the mold that the lab will use to make your tooth cap. While you wait for it to be made, you’ll wear a prefabricated crown. During your second appointment, your dentist will insert the cap and make any required modifications so that your crown is secure and comfortable.

How Much Will I Pay for Dental Crowns?

There’s no set dental crown cost because the materials used to make different crowns vary depending on what you choose. Discount programs and insurance will typically cover part of the total bill. Ask our staff for more information.

How Should I Care for Dental Crowns?

The average person keeps their crowns for an average of seven years. However, you can improve the longevity of your crowns for teeth with proper hygiene. To do this, floss daily, brush twice daily and get dental cleanings and checkups on a regular basis. Call us now to make an appointment.

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Friendly and attentive staff; the doctor was thorough and a good communicator.
Lisa C.
My fiance came here to get some work done and loved it. Dr.Ross took the time to explain everything and put her at ease. The whole experience was very comfortable.
I have had years of good experience. The hygienist gives you the most thorough cleaning ever!
John T.
They are so great at what they do I highly recommend them!!!!!
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The dentist was, very friendly and explained to me everything that he was going to do. The staff was, also friendly. It was, a very comfortable experience.
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I’m very comfortable with gentle dental. .. very friendly, clean atmosphere. The staff is very caring and nice.
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I am one who is very nervous when it comes to having any type of dental work. The staff was very nice and patient with me. They explained every aspect of the work that needed to be done. I will […]
Sherry B.
The Hygienst was wonderful and did a great job cleaning my son’s teeth. The receptionists were great too. Thank you!
Sunlight L.
Long time problem with a crown resolved!
Kimberly U.
I love them! They are truly a painfree dental experience! I am so happy to have found them when I had an emergency. I will stay with Gentle Dental for on.
Jean M.
This place is awesome! Super friendly staff and they make you feel at home. Also they will have you in and out in a heart beat. Highly recommended !!
Ricardo S.
I always have good experience when I go to GD center city. The front desk staff know me and always are kind. Denise , the DA is great and the Dr. always explains things well. I had a problem with a […]
Kara M.
Your technician is very thorough and reliable. You keep my teeth in good shape.
Joan G.
Fast, efficient, great price, friendly and knowledgeable
Dianna S.
The staff was extremely accommodating and friendly!
Samantha K.
Very friendly and took good care of me
Christina A.
Treatment was flawless. Everyone was nice. I am referring my best friend.
April N.
Friendly, comfortable, provide explainations. Consistent service throughout years.
Julia G.
Very welcoming
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We have been going to Gentle Dental of Center City for over a year. The staff is amazing and accommodating. The dentist is friendly and responsive to our needs. We recommend them for services.
Jeremiah C.
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