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Denture implants could be the answer if you have missing or damaged teeth. Learn more about how they work.

What Are Cosmetic Teeth?

Missing or damaged teeth alter how you look and make it more difficult to chew food and talk clearly to others. Dentists customize dentures with cosmetic teeth to give you a removable or permanent solution. In addition to restoring how you look, denture implants can boost your confidence, make your teeth more functional and support the structure of your mouth. People who take care of their implants have them for many years and see an improvement in their long-term dental health.

What Types of Cosmetic Teeth Are Available?

There are more than just temporary and permanent options for dentures. Our dentists will perform a full evaluation to help you decide which type is the best for your needs.

Partial and Full Cosmetic Teeth

A partial denture lets you keep the healthy teeth that you have. It only replaces your missing teeth with a structure that’s similar to a bridge. Unlike bridges, however, the appliance has clasps that slip over the natural teeth on each side of it. It’s removable, so you take it out every night for cleanings.

Full denture cosmetics or complete dentures replace all of the natural teeth in your lower or upper jaw. If you still have some of your natural teeth, our dentists will extract them and give you a temporary appliance. After your gums heal, we’ll fit you for the permanent removable or fixed appliance. A removable one just rests on your gums. If you want a fixed denture, then we’ll anchor it in place with dental implants.

Flexible Partial Denture Implants

Traditional partial dentures have a rigid base and metal clasps. However, flexible partial cosmetic teeth have a flexible base and clasps. The base is also gum-colored so that it blends in with your gums for a more natural smile. The flexibility allows the appliance to move with your mouth, which makes it more comfortable than its conventional counterpart.

Implant-Supported Artificial Teeth

A basic denture sits on your jaw. However, implant-supported dentures are anchored with two to four dental implants for additional stability. Our dentists will let you know the optimal number of implants for your needs. This is a more common necessity for dental appliances on the lower jaw than the upper jaw. You must still remove an implant-supported denture nightly for cleaning.

What Is the All-on-Four Denture Technique?

You get a full set of permanent artificial teeth with All-on-Four dentures. The difference is that they’re anchored to the lower jaw with four dental implants. This unique dentures option has the convenience of traditional fixed appliances plus additional stability.

What Is a Soft Reline for Artificial Teeth?

To avoid the sores and pain that traditional dentures cause, you can ask for a soft denture reline. Rather than hard acrylic lining, it’s made of a soft material that’s flexible for up to two years.

What Is the Denture Procedure?

It takes several steps to get new dentures. These steps vary depending on the appliance that you want and the extra procedures that you need first, such as implant placement and tooth extraction. Afterward, our dentists create a mold and measure your mouth. When your denture is ready, they’ll make adjustments as needed so that it fits well and is as comfortable as possible.

How Much Do Artificial Teeth Cost?

Dentures cost various amounts depending on the type, the materials used and all preparation procedures needed. Our dentists can give you advice for getting affordable quality dentures. Visit our office for a consultation about how much getting dentures may cost for you.

If you’re looking for affordable quality dentures, you’ve come to the right place. We provide different types of dentures in Center City Philadelphia. Visit our office now for a consultation to get your new dentures.

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